Generation Z -- are you ready to clean up the mess?

Millenials and baby boomers are going to leave you with a huge mess. Below are some statements, not facts. You can ignore them or you can take some time to think about what it means. Each statement isn't necessarily that powerful by itself, but when you put them together...

Despite the amazing progress in technology we still have hunger, homelessness, and poverty...even in developed countries. (Is it better? Yes, but it really should no longer be an issue.)

People are going to live longer and there will be more of them. The population will be around 8 billion in roughly 10 years.

47% of jobs will be automated by 2034 (The Economist).

Less jobs, more people, even worse income inequality...

Key resources will only become more scarce and/or more unevenly distributed...UNLESS

You have the resiliency, creativity, wisdom, and courage to ask the right questions, challenge assumptions, learn, and collaborate at levels we haven't even imagined.


Without dramatic and systemic changes in education and the government worldwide, life is going to get a lot tougher. The current education system isn't preparing you for it and the government is even less prepared.


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