Is someone making Google seem anti-Spurs?

My google alert has produced another gem, but this time it's more about my personal interests. Apparently some google users are voicing their distaste for the White Hart Lane faithful. Here's the post, but to sum up...

You can find the Spurs defense used in the examples to help explain the words "dodgy" and "lackadaisical." I checked it out and was amused to still see it there for lackadaisical. If you are Spurs fan, please contain your rage and read on. I am a reasonable fan and may have a take on this that surprises you. Moving on. 

When you type a certain profanity on google maps when based in London, White Hart Lane is the first result. However after some very scientific research...ahem...I wouldn't put much stock into this as the same query for any city will bring up a variety of results. Surprisingly, many of the top results have good ratings. 

LA - UCLA is one of two results.
NY - two 4 out of 5 rated restaurants appear.
Chicago - a theater and a very highly rated comic book store. 

I tried a number of google image queries expecting to see something, but turned up with nothing unusual.

While I am a huge Arsenal fan and was admittedly amused, it didn't really matter which sports team was used. Though it does help ease the sting from today's loss.

I used to be one of those fans who took the game a bit too seriously, something common among younger males. Maybe it was the testosterone? Bad results would effect my mood for hours and sometimes the whole day, but fortunately that dissipated after some time or perhaps even maturity. Priorities and even values can change as you get older and that certainly was the case for me. There is simply so many much more important things to do and worry about. 

If you disregard the google maps result, it makes me wonder if in fact this is anti-Spurs or simply a frustrated Spurs fan. I know I have joked about the Gunners defense over the years or the sometimes ineffective tiki taka style.

Enjoy the victory Spurs fans. The race for 3rd and 4th should be good.  Cheers   

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