Wow, completely forgot to post yesterday. The blog has not become second nature yet. I'll get there. Moving on!

Yesterday my google alert sent some results for Tesla and I noticed yet another state, Texas, has their dealerships fighting Tesla over direct selling (click here for the post). What was interesting was the dealer's take on monopolies, "Tesla itself is seeking a monopoly, since no other company could sell Tesla Motors’ product."

I have to admit my initial reaction was, "wait, what?!" Obviously, my gut is biased towards Tesla, but as I have become more aware of these preconceptions I try to keep an open mind and consider the other side. I read on and eventually understood how the dealerships may think this. They brought up a valid point about manufacturers being more concerned about shareholders and the dealerships' support of local schools and hospitals. However, I think this only has merit if other manufacturers follow suit. Otherwise, Tesla isn't really a huge threat...yet.

I totally get why Tesla wants to sell direct. I'm sure there's more going on, but to me the main thing they're trying to accomplish is controlling the Tesla experience from start to finish. If it was almost any other industry, there would be no story as most companies have the option to sell direct. 

For an industry that I think could be moving much faster than it is, Tesla ruffling some feathers is good for both the industry and its customers. A new and unique (to the industry) business model was long overdue. Will the other companies get creative with theirs? 

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